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Vexing Complexity

January 9th, 2011

Great article this week on Experienced Points, about how clear choices can improve game play:

For me, a better system would be one where the decisions are easy to understand but difficult to make. Decisions that are interesting for players are things like:

  • Ranged weapons with better distance but less damage.
  • Melee weapons that deliver better damage per second but cause fewer (or less severe) critical.
  • Armor that reduces incoming damage but slows your own attack speed.
  • Items that will boost your magic potency but reduce your mana pool.

These are all good tradeoffs, and players could have a lot of fun agonizing over choosing the item that best suits their taste and playstyle. But as it is, the only decision players are given is to decide if they care enough to look this one up on the wiki and run the numbers.

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